portrait by Jeff Newton   

portrait by Jeff Newton




Hello and thank you for visiting my site!

I graduated from the University of North Texas (UNT) receiving a BFA in Fine Arts/Photography (1995). Following that was a move to California to attend Brooks Institute of Photography, graduating in 2000. Since then I have remained in the West and have been blessed to shoot for numerous commercial, editorial and personal clients.

Design, art, nature, architecture, high-fashion, science, science-fiction, surrealism, the paranormal, music and even old cartoons...name some of the many things that inspire me personally as well as photographically. From personal projects with high-concept productions to illustrative commissions for clients, I am constantly working to evolve my vision while maintaining the highest level of quality and art direction.

" I believe that creativity is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon humanity. It is the mechanism by which we can solve problems, boundlessly express ourselves and achieve greatness in any situation or medium, should we choose to tap into that potential."

On that note, please check back again with this site/my work as it evolves and expands.

Thank you!